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Getting Started In Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is the world’s #1 blockchain game with over 9.3 million lifetime users! Below you will find links that walk you through the entire getting started process, including: 

  • Completing your first mine - The Mining Game rewards players with Trilium for each mining attempt.
  • Completing your first mission - Use your Trilium to go on Missions and earn additional rewards. 
  • Joining a Syndicate - Join a Syndicate, [compete with other Planets] and help allocate resources.
  • Playing Battledome -  Place your Minions and Weapons into battle and earn rewards. 

Alien Worlds is chain agnostic. Currently, Alien Worlds spans across three blockchains: Ethereum, WAX and BNB. This offers developers, users, and creators multiple blockchain platforms to choose from when building games, applications, and experiences within Alien Worlds.

The Mining Game lives on the WAX blockchain and the Missions Game lives on the BNB chain. Even more awesome is the fact that inside the Alien Worlds UI exists a Teleport portal that easily allows players to teleportTrilium earned from the Mining Game to the BNB chain for Missions. Non-staked Trilium can also be sent back to the WAX Blockchain from the BNB chain at any time. This process only takes a few minutes.

Syncing your accounts is a painless process and the simplest route to playing the game is by following the steps in the order listed below.

  • Wax Cloud Wallet setup
  • Managing WAX Wallet Resources
  • Alien Worlds Account setup
  • Setting up a MetaMask wallet
  • Teleporting Trilium

WAX Cloud Wallet Setup

In order to start mining in Alien Worlds you will need a WAX Cloud Wallet to get started. To create a WAX Cloud Wallet or WCW you will need 5 WAX tokens to cover the WAX Wallet creation fee.

Step 1: Go to https://www.mycloudwallet.com/ and click on the create account button.

unnamed (19).png

 Step 2: Enter your email address or use your Facebook, Twitch, Discord or Twitter account. You will then receive an email asking you to activate your account. 


image - 2024-04-22T121237.020.png


Step 3: Next, you will be prompted to provide 5 WAX for a wallet creation fee. There are a few ways to do this:

A. Purchase WAXP on an exchange and send it to the address on the account setup page. You can purchase WAX on most major cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can also purchase WAXP tokens within the wallet dashboard using a traditional credit or debit card.

B. Have a friend send 5 WAXP tokens to the funding address provided on the WAX Cloud Wallet setup screen. 

C. Receive a free WAX Wallet at Alien Worlds exhibits. Alien Worlds has a presence at most major blockchain industry conferences. Follow our social channels or join one of our communities for more information.

After your wallet is funded you will automatically be redirected to the WAX Wallet dashboard. 

Once you have a WAX Wallet you will be assigned a unique Wallet address, also known as a WAM. All WAX Cloud Wallet addresses end with .wam. WAX Wallet addresses generally consist of a string of 1-8 characters. For example, a1d2.wam.

Please take a moment at this stage to set up 2FA on your WAX Cloud Wallet. It only takes a few minutes and will give you an added layer of security that will keep your NFTs safe! You can choose from several different options. 

When you use WAX, a WAX Wallet or any external exchanges, please observe this IMPORTANT NOTICE: 

WAX and each of the exchanges listed above are third party services, which are neither owned nor controlled by Dacoco (“Third Party Services”). These references are provided to you as for convenience and informational purposes only. They do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Dacoco of any of the products, services or opinions of the relevant entity or organization or individual, nor do they constitute an exhaustive list. Other providers may provide similar services which may be better suited. 


If you decide to make use of a Third Party Service, in particular, without limitation, if you decide to purchase WAX and/or other assets from or through such Third Party Service, YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for: (i) comprehensively informing yourself about the risks and benefits associated with such Third Party Service and the contemplated transaction prior to entering into any transaction; (ii) your selection of the Third Party Service you may want to make use of; (iii) any transaction you enter into with a provider of Third Party Services; (iv) any use you make of Third Party Services and (v) the protection of your privacy and data in connection with Third Party Services. 

You acknowledge and agree that: (i) Third Party Services are governed by their own terms of use; (ii) Dacoco is not responsible for Third Party Services; (iii) Dacoco makes no representation and gives no warranty whatsoever with respect to Third Party Services; (iv) to the greatest extent admissible under applicable laws, Dacoco shall have no liability for or in connection with any Third Party Services, in particular, without limitation, in connection with their availability, cost, content, advertising, compliance, noninfringement, compatibility with Alien WorldsTM, general or specific fitness for purpose, or any transactions you may enter into with providers of, or otherwise with regard to Third Party Services; and (vi) you shall not, under any circumstances, cause Dacoco to become a party to any dispute whatsoever between you and third parties with regard to Third Party Services.

Managing Your WAX  Resources

Alien Worlds provides every player with 25 transactions on the WAX blockchain per day. A transaction takes place anytime a player approves an action within the WAX Wallet pop-up.

unnamed (21).png


Additional resources can be obtained at any time within the WAX Wallet dashboard. The three resources that are essential for actions on the WAX Blockchain are CPU, NET, and RAM. Competitive players often stake several hundred WAX to CPU and 1 WAX to both RAM and NET.

You do not lose the tokens you stake. WAX tokens staked to the CPU and NET resources can always be unstaked at any time and will be returned to your WAX wallet 72 hours after unstaking.

Alien Worlds Account Setup

unnamed (22).png

If you do not have a WAX Cloud Wallet setup please visit the My Cloud Wallet setup guide.

Visit https://play.alienworlds.io and click on the WAX Wallet login option. You will be prompted to authorize a transaction inside of a WAX Cloud Wallet pop-up.

The next step is setting up your Explorer profile. You'll have the option to choose either a male or female human that is provided by the Federation. Furthermore you will be asked to provide a username, your email address, and to agree to the Federation’s terms of service before entering the final step of the setup. You'll then be provided with the option to choose a planet [to mine on] after which land plots are displayed. Once you've chosen your perfect spot a popup will appear asking you to sign a transaction to push your setup on-chain.

All done! Now you can mine TLM or go on Missions! 

Getting Started in Missions

Alien Worlds Missions give players a chance to send spacecraft on missions, embark on adventures and unlock Mission NFTs.

To participate in Missions you must have already set up Metamask and Teleported TLM to BNB chain.


Follow the below steps to participate in Missions.


Setting up a Metamask Wallet


In Alien Worlds, Explorers can set off on Missions in faraway space and put their TLM to work. Click on the Missions tab within the UI and a prompt will appear asking you to link your Metamask Wallet. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, don’t worry! Setting one up only takes a few minutes.

First visit https://metamask.io/ and press the download button in the upper righthand corner of the screen. Once you download Metamask a little Fox symbol will be added as an extension at the top of your browser.

If you already have a Metamask wallet scroll down to the join a Mission section. 

Open the wallet and take a moment to save your seed phrase in a safe location. This is the phrase used to import your Metamask Wallet to other devices.

Most wallets will automatically ask you to add the chain and/or token when not present, however in case it's not automated use the below method. 

Next you need to add Trilium and BNB to the wallet. Please reference this official article from Binance to add the BNB token to your wallet:


To add Trilium to your Metamask wallet click the add token option at the top of the Metamask wallet while inside of the Binance Mainnet Section and add this information:

Contract address: 0x2222227e22102fe3322098e4cbfe18cfebd57c95

Symbol: TLM
Decimal: 4 

You can also visit https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/alien-worlds/ to add Trilium to your Metamask wallet.

unnamed (23).png

Now that you have a Metamask Wallet and the BNB Smart Chain added to your wallet you are ready to add actual BNB tokens.

First select the Binance Mainnet option in the dropdown menu of the Metamask wallet (pictured below). 

unnamed (24).png

Second, click on the BNB section of your wallet to see your address. This address is your wallet address and it is the place where you send BNB tokens for Missions (pictured below). You can acquire BNB tokens on most major cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also purchase tokens directly from your Metamask wallet. 

unnamed (25).png

Teleporting Trilium


Alien Worlds operates across multiple blockchains and so there are instances where you would want to move your tokens from one chain to another. This guide is for moving tokens between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX. 

Moving from Wax to Binance Smart Chain

In order to go on Missions you will need to move TLM to Binance Smart chain also called BNB. We call this teleporting. Using Teleport is an easy process. Please note that this process is the same for Ethereum, you just need to change the network at the top of your Metamask wallet and select the switch to Ethereum option at the bottom of the Teleport page.

1. Click on the ‘Teleport’ tab within the game.


unnamed (9).jpg


2. Select your wallet provider for both WAX and BNB. Make sure the selected chain is Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain).


image - 2024-04-22T124013.627.png


3. Teleporting Trilium from Wax to Binance:


  • Enter the amount you wish to teleport.
  • Confirm the WAX wallet transaction.

unnamed (27).png


4. Once the transaction has been confirmed, the teleport will show your tokens as ready to be claimed. This usually takes about one minute. 


  • Click claim to open the transaction inside the BNB wallet provider. 
  • Confirm and pay a gas fee in BNB (Gas fees are usually less than .30 USD, however this fluctuates at times.)


unnamed (28).png

5. Return to the Missions tab and you will notice that your Missions BNB Balance has been updated in the UI.

6. Send Spacecraft on missions!

Now that you have a WAX wallet, Metamask wallet and understand how to use Teleport, you are ready to send your first Spacecraft and embark on an adventure!

Genesis Activities

1. Complete your first mine



Mining is one of the genesis activities of Alien Worlds. Trilium received from mining can increase your vote power in Planetary Syndicates and allow you to participate in the governance of Alien Worlds. 

Visit play.alienworlds.io and log in to start. 

First you will need to choose a land and then equip your mining tool. The attributes of the different lands are listed in the table below. 



Each land plot has its own set of multipliers that interact with your tools. If you plan to mine frequently then it's best to choose a land with a lower charge time multiplier. If you plan to mine less frequently then its best to choose a land with a higher charge time multiplier. Land plots with a lower charge time multiplier generally have a lower Trilium and NFT multiplier, this feature keeps the mining game balanced.

To equip the standard issue Standard Shovel click the button with the text Equip mining tools!, which then opens a transaction window to equip this tool. Afterwards the same button will change to either a countdown or the text Mine.


unnamed (11).jpg

unnamed (29).png


You are now set up and ready to mine! You will notice that in the upper center of the UI there is a timer that counts down the time until your next mining attempt. Once this timer reaches zero a yellow button will appear with the word ‘Mine’ inside of it.

Mining takes three clicks. First you click the Mine button. After this, the same button will change to the word ‘Submit’. Click the ‘Submit’ button and a WAX Wallet pop-up appears on the screen asking you to approve the action. Click approve and a few short seconds later the amount of Trilium you mined will appear on the screen and will be added to your Trilium balance in the left sidebar of the user interface. 

unnamed (12).jpg


To claim mined Trilium tokens and add them to your available balance simply click the ‘Mining Rewards’ button in the Rewards Claim section of the user interface. These buttons are located at the top of the UI(images below).  

unnamed (13).jpg

unnamed (14).jpg

Congratulations! You’ve just earned some Trilium! Now you can stake your Trilium to a Planetary Syndicate and get involved in governance. Click here to learn more about Planetary Syndicates. 

How is the time in between mining attempts determined?


image - 2024-04-10T100648.243.pngimage - 2024-04-10T100646.030.png


You will notice that the Standard Shovel you are given has a ‘charge time’ and every plot of land has a charge multiplier. You can equip up to three tools at one time. The formula that determines your charge time is as follows:

Using one tool: Tool charge time X Land multiplier

Using two tools: Tool 1 charge time + .5 of Tool 2 charge time X Land multiplier. Tool number two is automatically designated as the tool with the lowest charge time.

Using three tools: Tool 1 charge time + Tool 2 charge time X Land multiplier. The charge time of your fastest charging tool is automatically dropped from the formula.

2. Complete your first Mission



Now that you have a mined Trilium Balance and you know how to use Teleport, you are ready to embark on your first Mission! Each Mission has a pool of rewards that is evenly divided among all ships that join. Participants also receive an NFT at the end of each Mission. Players can acquire up to five NFTs per Mission, one for each of the first five ships you lease. You are allowed to lease as many ships as you like but you will not receive additional NFT rewards beyond the first five. At the end of the Mission you will receive the lease cost back and your portion of the rewards. 

*Sending Spacecraft on Missions will require a small amount of BNB when initially sending Spacecraft and upon returning. This gas fee is not a fee from the Alien Worlds game. Gas fees fluctuate and are charged to everyone that transacts on the BNB chain. 

Follow the steps below to join an active Mission.

  • Connect your Metamask to the BNB chain. The Metamask popup will appear automatically.
  • Choose the Mission that you wish to go on. 
  • Choose your desired amount of ships, approve the amount to be deducted from your BSC Trilium and approve the join transaction in the Metamask wallet popup. 




  • Wait until your ship(s) returns from their voyage.  
  • Upon return you need to select the Mission within the UI, claim rewards and approve the claim action. Once you complete the claim process your Trilium rewards from the mission and your leasing fee will be returned to your available BSC Trilium balance. You will also receive your NFT rewards in your Metamask wallet, one per ship, up to five NFTs per Mission. 



3. Join a Syndicate


At the heart of the Alien Worlds community are Syndicates. Explorers elect Syndicate Custodians who vote on what to build using the Syndicate’s Trilium treasuries. Syndicates have the power to build games, tools, host events and even shape the future of Alien Worlds! Follow the instructions below to get started.



1. Go to the Governance tab within the UI, select your favorite planet and then click the Explore button.

2. Read and sign member terms under read member terms

3. Convert Trilium tokens into governance tokens. 

4. Click add vote power then choose the amount of tokens you wish to lock and the amount of days you wish to lock them for. 

5. You are now ready to become a candidate and/or vote! Follow the steps below to vote:

  • Open the view candidates tab
  • View candidate info
  • Add up to 2 candidates with the add your vote button
  • Click sign your votes, accept and you've voted for your candidates

6. Become a candidate by following these simple steps:

  • Open the become a candidate tab
  • Make sure you have 5k governance tokens for that planet
  • Fill in the information, read ToS
  • Click become a candidate and sign transaction

7. Voting power decays so make sure to update it once before a new election

8. To unstake your tokens follow the steps below

  • Click unstake vote power
  • Accept and sign transaction
  • After the lock period is over tokens are convertible back to Trilium

Can’t Find the Answer?

Alien Worlds is embarking on creating a Community-Governed Sci-Fi Franchise leveraging AI that we are calling “Tokenized Lore.”...